Actions and payment orders

The plaintiff is the master of the lawsuit. Therefore, it is important to properly sue. How to file a lawsuit, payment order, or electronic payment order so that the plaintiff increases his chances of success? This is an individual matter for each case.

Choosing the right action, which is supported by relevant allegations, so as not to unnecessarily overwhelm the judge, is a law firm’s work.

The choice of an appropriate and timely strategy and the presentation of evidence by the plaintiff increases the chances of the plaintiff’s success in litigation. The right choice of claims and evidence is essential. In this way, the lawyer is always ready to defend the client’s rights and help him in this matter.

The lawyer can also assess whether it is more appropriate to choose to file an action, or rather to proceed with the filing of a payment order or the filing of an electronic payment order. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, which can speed up or prolong the proceedings.

Representation by a lawyer in court can be a great advantage, even in cases where the chances of success appear small. The lawyer knows from his position how to file a lawsuit correctly, what to demand and what claims to use. The lawyer then also knows what requirements the action must contain and in which court the action needs to be filed.

Appropriately chosen procedural strategy and know-how on how to file a lawsuit can use appropriate tools to increase these chances of plaintiffs in court.

The lawyer can also advise you on how to submit an electronic payment order and whether this method is suitable for you in a specific case.

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